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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) refers to a group of therapy modalities including cognitive therapy (CT) and acceptance commitment therapy (ACT).

CBT is an evidence-based psychological approach which operates on the basic premise that thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and behaviours are interconnected.  The aim of CBT is to change the problematic emotions and maladaptive behaviours by modifying cognitive processes. It involves clients learning to understand how thoughts, feelings and behaviours are connected and involves activities that focus on cognitions (thoughts), behaviours and actions. 

Therapy involves activities in session and activities that are taken home to practice between sessions.

 ACT is an evidence-based intervention that incorporates mindfulness, experiential exercises, value guided interventions that enable clients to develop cognitive flexibility. ACT involves using metaphors, stories and experiential exercises that are active and fun. ACT work is often used in conjunction with other child behavioral interventions such as reward programs, parent management practices, exposure/response prevention, and skill building.




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